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20 Iconic Quotes from The Order on Netflix

The Order, an original series from Netflix, brought us hilarious dialogues and one-liners. Here are some iconic ones you won’t forget!

I give my life to the cause.

Lilith: What part of werewolf don’t you understand?
Randall: Honestly? I don’t know why we spell it like “were” but pronounce it like “wear.”

Lilith: Don’t do anything weird.
Jack: Like lock somebody in the basement while you debate whether or not to kill them?
Hamish: Yeah, like that.

Hamish: We are a sacred brotherhood
Lilith: A gender neutral collective.

The Order Netflix - A gender neutral collective

Jack: Why must I wear a towel?
Randall: So you won’t ruin your clothes.
Jack: Why must you wear a towel?
Randall: Because I’m body-positive.

Randall: Jack, we can’t all go “Justice League” until our Spidey senses tingle.
Hamish: No, I told you once. You can’t mix DC and Marvel.

Hamish: You, stop trying to call all the shots. You, stop trying to kill everybody.

Jack: The place is defended by a fuck-ton of magic spells!
Hamish: That’s ten shit-tons. Impressive.

Randall: Dude, WE’RE your we!

Lilith: I get it, Hamish, you’re old and you wanna live.
Hamish: I’m not old! And duh!

Lilith: It’s the 21st century, women can be werewolves!

Lilith: How can you be so bad at secret societies, you’re in two of them!

Jack: You and Lilith? Or Randall?
Hamish: No! And he wishes!

Lilith: Was it that bitch Alyssa? Whom I loved once…

Randall: According to one of the journals we should eat him and absorb his warrior spirit.
Hamish: Or we could bury him.
Randall: Sounds good to me.

Alyssa: What are you?
Jack: I’m a knight.
Alyssa: You’re a monster.

Jack: What do you do with all the bad shit you have to carry around?
Hamish: You carry it. It’s called being an adult.

Alyssa: It’s murder.
Hamish: At best, it’s depraved indifference to human life.

Knights of St. Christopher: Long is the road and short is the life.

Hamish: Life is like a cocktail — complex, carries a kick, and doesn’t last. So take the time to savor it.


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