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5 Reasons you should watch The Order on Netflix

The Order is an original horror drama series on Netflix, which premiered this March 2019. This series has garnered a small cult following and favorable reviews in Google and Rotten Tomatoes, despite a noticeable lack of marketing. However, there remains a minimal discussion about The Order, and if you search across forums and trailers, you’ll find lackluster reviews from viewers who deem it too cheesy and didn’t go past the first episodes.

As with most people, when The Order premiered, I watched it for about 10 minutes before quitting. A few weeks later, I saw it again in my Netflix list and decided to give it another try. The first 2 episodes felt cringy to watch, but the show takes a positive upswing in episode 3 and gets better from then. I watched the whole season in one night and hadn’t been this entertained by a series in a long while.

So why should you give The Order a try? Read on. [Warning: Minor spoilers ahead]

1. Sense of humor

The Order employs a camp-y type of humor that’s silly, ridiculous, witty but above all never fails to be entertaining. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and even makes fun of television tropes.

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One thing that I particularly like about the show is how the main character, Jack Morton, shows incredible self-awareness. He gets tired from all the sh*t that keeps happening on him. There was one scene when he gets chased by a monster towards the basement and he goes, “I’m not fucking going down there!” In another scene, when he gets repeatedly called in class, he points out, “Seriously, there are, like, 25 other people in here!”

It’s refreshing to see a character say what we all think while watching.

2. Werewolf lore

The werewolf bit has been over and done, and so it seemed that there’s nothing more to add to this concept. But The Order managed to give a unique take to the werewolf mythology.

In The Order, a person doesn’t need to suffer from a bite to become a werewolf. Instead, there are “sentient” werewolf hides that choose their champions by literally fusing with them. This imbues the selected champion with strength, fast healing capability, and knowledge. Interestingly, despite the fact that werewolves in the series hate magic, they exhibit stronger magic powers compared to ordinary people.

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Furthermore, the werewolf hides aren’t just accessories. They have their own personalities. Silverback is the strongest, Tundra the cunning one, Midnight the self-sacrificial aka “canon fodder”, among others.

It’s a unique take on the werewolf lore. Also, as it’s just the first season, it’s possible that there’s a lot more to discover about these mythical creatures.

3. The Knights of St. Christopher

Every successful series has a great plot, but ultimately it’s the characters that makes us care for the show. The Order’s best part is the Knights of Saint Christopher, a sacred brotherhood (a gender-neutral collective) of werewolves that aims to do just and good.

Each member has personality quirks — Lilith is tough, Hamish is level-headed and at the same time an alcoholic (although he refers to himself as an alcohol aficionado), and Randall is fun, cool, dorky and everyone’s favorite character (he’s also an eye candy).

We see these characters spend time together in their base, make crucial decisions thru beer pong, go on hunts and rampage, and save each other’s asses.

Mid-series, you’ll be saying their oath yourself: “I give my life to the cause.”

4. Adam Dicarprio

Ahh. Yes.

The Order Netflix - Randall saying sounds about right

5. Story twists

If you think there’s nothing new to see in The Order, you’re in for a surprise. It has a decent plot with twists that will undoubtedly catch you off-guard. In fact, biggest twist appears in the season finale, but I don’t want to spoil you any longer.

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Overall, The Order is an entertaining series to watch. Although it’s often compared to The Buffy or Teen Wolf, it has embraced its own type of humor. The first season sets an initial world building and there’s still much more to see and play at in the show.

Have you tried watching The Order? What do you think about it?

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