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Thoughts about The Order season 1 ending on Netflix

In the final episode, we witness members of the Order and the Knights of St. Christopher work together to stop Edward Coventry from fully using the vade mecum infernal for his own gain. We also saw Lilith and Randall kissed, Jack Morton proclaimed himself to be independent instead of choosing between the Order and the Knights, and everything seemed well.

That is, up until the last minutes of the episode when the Order decided to wiped out the memories of our beloved werewolves, with Alyssa herself using the memory powder on Jack.

Viewers are polarized about everything that happened in this season, and here are my own thoughts about the season finale of The Order.

Lilith and Randall

What I like best about the Knights is that they’re such good friends, and Lilith and Randall works best as platonic buddies. In theory, the two of them eventually getting together is likely, but there was no build up and there was no instance in the show when Lilith or Randall showed any romantic interest with each other. Lilith certainly didn’t care when Randall left with Ruby and Randall had never shown himself to have feelings for Lilith.

The Order Netflix - Lilith and Randall kiss

In fact, I’m going to argue that Lilith and Jack have more chemistry. Initially, they were antagonistic with each other, with Lilith wanting to kill Jack and Jack frustrated with Lilith’s simplistic kill-everyone approach. Eventually, Jack accepted being part of the group and we saw them care for each other as members of the Knights. In one scene, as the trio (Lilith, Randall, and Hamish) were celebrating, Lilith herself voiced out that she wished Jack were there. There was also enough tension between the two of them.

The romance between Lilith and Randall seems unnecessary. If the writers keep this on season 2, I hope to see a believable development in their relationship or, perhaps better, pair them with other people.

Vera Stone and the vade mecum infernal

The season finale teased that the vade mecum infernal is burnt but not completely destroyed, with Vera Stone, former temple magus and now grand magus of the order, keeping it in her drawer. This raises a question: will Vera eventually use it for her personal gain, as did Edward Coventry?

So far, Vera has shown to have the best interests of the order at heart and is in fact against darker practices such as necromancy. Based on her character in season 1, she’s leaning on the “good side”, i.e., she is strict but eventually wants the best for the Order. However, my personal view of her is that while she is certainly gifted, she is also incompetent. In the first episodes, 3 murders of pledges happened under her watch and she didn’t do enough to catch the killer except ask inexperienced members of the order to do research. She also gave up a section of the book to Edward, giving in to her physical attraction to him, which led to his almost-successful ritual to summon its powers.

The Order Netflix - vade mecum infernal

My theory is that the vade mecum infernal my still play a role in the future, but it won’t be Vera we should be watching out for.

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Memory wipe on the werewolves

Watching the Knights fought together with the Order and get betrayed at the end was gut-wrenching. Not only did the Order wiped out their memories, they also stole their magical stockpile including the journals from previous knights.

A lot of viewers criticize this as lazy writing or even a safe ending — it provides closure for season 1 if there is no renewal and provides a sort of continuity plot if there is a season 2. (The Order is eventually renewed for a second season.)

While it was heartbreaking to watch, it is completely logical based on what we know about the Order. The Order exists for itself and members are expected to do what’s best for it. In this case, it means neutralizing any potential threat and keeping the secrecy of the organization. The fact that the order didn’t resort to killing off the werewolves may simply be an acknowledgement of their help in stopping Edward Coventry.

Of course, this raises a lot of questions and possibilities. For instance, a memory wipe doesn’t change the fact that the knights are still werewolves. One way of another, the werewolves are still going to find out about their nature and hence the memory swipe may do more damage — as we’re sure as hell the werewolves aren’t going to let this betrayal pass.

What I’m more concerned about is the relationship between Jack and Alyssa. So far, this has been a central focus on the show and, if the screenwriters will go the traditional route, this is how it will pan out: Jack will regain his memories and somehow find a way to forgive Alyssa.

The Order Netflix - Jack and Alyssa

Their relationship is the least interesting aspects of the show. It’s not necessarily due to lack of chemistry — there are scenes when you can feel enough tension between the two characters. However, there wasn’t a proper buildup. Starting on the first episode 1, we see Jack followed Alyssa like a love-sick puppy while Alyssa keeps making stupid decisions again and again. As such, I don’t want to see them get back together again.

The characters are interesting on themselves and there’s still a lot the screenwriters can do with them. For instance, I want to see Jack undergo a huge character growth. In season 1, it’s evident that he’s been groomed to follow his grandpa’s personal vendetta and then he’s been thrown in circumstances that he didn’t want. It’s interesting to see him make decisions for himself and grow out of his infatuation for Alyssa. On the other hand, Alyssa has already shown that her ambition is the most important thing for her. She’s (presumably) the one who powdered her former bestie Lilith and now she’s turned on Jack as well. It’s interesting to see her follow through this path. While she does not necessarily have to be a villain, an internal conflict may be what’s good for her. This is certainly a more intriguing dynamics between the two characters compared to the relationship the show is forcing on our throats.

What are your thoughts about the ending of The Order season 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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